Uninteresting Camera Information

Whenever I look at camera gear reviews, I’m greatly annoyed by certain pieces of information that I feel is unnecessary to talk about when discussing modern lenses. In my view, the criteria below serves only as filler and results in a complete waste of both my and others time. 1. Lens Distortion I can understand […]


Unobvious Advantages Using Olympus Micro Four Thirds

In spite of all the chatter going around about the obvious advantages to the MFT system (light weight, common features), I want to point out some things that others seem to neglect mentioning (at least in the videos on YouTube). 1) Pretty Amazing TTL Flash System Olympus has a few tricks up their sleeve when […]


Building A Flickr Portfolio

I started constructing a small portrait portfolio on Flickr. This will always have single photos of people but the scope is no limited to “normal” portraits. I’ll include samples of cosplayers, random strangers, etc. You can find the small collection of photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskcdpfBK